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You don't need to Charge full always when DC Fast Charging.

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This is more of a helpful tip that new EV drivers may not know, but I find it very helpful. The bulk majority of the time you will spend DC fast charging will be on long trips where the distance, either there or round trip is longer than your range you have in the battery.

When you stop at DC fast chargers either on trips or not, you typically only charge enough to get to the next charger, or destination. If you have means to charge at your destination for a time that will get you to the next location or city driving you can arrive with 10-20% which many times means only charging for 5-20 minutes.

These short times will also work for DC fast charging to get to the next charger. Those long wait times will not be as common as thought.

There are a few factors that affect this such has towing (low range), and the increase of DC fast charger, and how well they are maintained so you can get in and out.
So when thinking of fast charging on trips, remember it is a low percentage you will have to wait that entire charge time, and it will be more like a bathroom, grab a snack kind of stop.
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I'm charging up to 100% right now at a fast charger in Albany GA, to test the 'time' it takes, and the drop off in kwh of power, but since this is at the local and very nice Library, the wait is not so bad : )

but, yes, most of the time, unless you are towing, you'll hardly ever 'need' to charge so high, but, I do have camping travel coming up tomorrow, and it's not just about 'topping off' to the next charger, it's also preserving you ability to have other options if that destination charger is NOT operational, etc.
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