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Yay, got call yesterday that my '23 Lariat ER was in. Then, got a call an hour later there was "minor" transport damage

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It's fixable, but annoying. So, not dealership's fault, but they will have it for a week or so while they replace the parts. Transport people suck donkey balls.

Did paperwork today on it and dealer got me into a new '22 Lariat F-150 3.5 Ecoboost 4x4 crew, etc. (nice truck) to drive until the Lightning is ready.

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It’ll buff out ;)

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When my Mustang Mach E was delivered, some numbnutz in the transport chain decided not to follow (or read) the tie down instructions. Instead of strapping it down by the wheels they clipped hooks into the holes in the rail on the bottom near the sides of the car. Trouble is those aren’t framed points but drain holes in the aluminum guard rails at the edge of the battery pack. Good news is they aren’t structural and are an easy replacement. Your truck will be as good as new soon.
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