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XLT- Sold Out

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:cry: I saw a post elsewhere that XLT was sold out now for the upcoming 4th wave.
Can anyone verify? Please don’t respond if you do NOT know for sure. Stay on topic thread please. Thanks.
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With my Wave 4 order 'forcing' me to order a Lariat, I decided to go with the extended-range battery. When you factor in the value of the extra EVSE and improved charging curve possibilities and range and resale value, it seemed like the thing to do at that high price point.

I can't believe I went from deciding on a $58,000 standard range XLT 311A w/tow pkg (because of the 18" tires and cloth seats) to an $80,000 leather-trimmed Cadillariat truck w/carbon 20s. :sick::eek::sick:
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What, no Platinum? ;)
Ha! I'm in enough trouble already.
I guess I'm going to start digging the 125' trench for the conduit to the new 100A sub panel I had decided against, too. :rolleyes:
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