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Wondering if this front camera kit would work on the Pro

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Hi all, I just picked up my 2023 pro on Sunday and thinking about the few things I wish it had:

1. cooled seats-possible with katzskins
2. keyless entry-don't know if it is possible
3. no front sensor/camera

Other than those three things, it's great!

For number 3 I'm wondering if this would work, since the pro IS available with the 360 cam set up with the tow package (which I did not get, but, in retrospect, should have)

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I’ll be trying keyless entry. The truck came with the code so I’m assuming the wiring is in the door like other F150s.
From what I saw it sure seems like the keypad will work. As you said it has the code. My sales person actually told me it had it as we walked to the truck haha. But the keyless entry I really want is the button on the door handle to lock as you walk away/unlock when you walk up when you have the key in your pocket. That is quicker (I think) than the keypad. It seems like they really could have added it for like no cost essentially since it already has push button start-that means it has a sensor for the key. I think they don't include it just to push people to move up to the XLT

Here's where I saw the info for the keypad if you haven't seen it yet (you probably have): How to: Adding the OEM Keyless Entry Keypad to a 2015+ F150
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