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Winter Tire Recommendations?

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Hi all,
Looks like I have a build week of Oct 24/22 for my 2023 Lariat (ordered a 2022 in January but that's another thread). Anyways, I know we haven't seen a winter with these trucks yet so obviously we don't have experience necessarily to rely on, but has anyone done any research or have any recommendations for winter/snow tires? I know my 2017 Chevy Volt has special Green tires for the summer and I just put Michelin Ice-X tires on for winter. I'm sure there are a dozen options for winter truck tires just thought I would see what other folks are doing. Thanks.
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does anyone know if 17” rims if on lightning?
I'm trying to figure out a winter wheel/tire combo as well. I've always had two sets for my cars, this is my first truck so I'm being more careful. The stock tires on the Lariat are absolute trash in the snow, truly horrible. I found a set of 17''s off a 2020 Raptor, they're 17" x 8.5", 6 lug x 135mm, with 34mm offset( 3.41 front space, 6.08 back space) which is the right lug pattern but the offset is different. Anyone have any idea if that would work on a Lightning?
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