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Window condensation

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Anyone have an issue already with condensation on the inside of the windows and moonroof in cold, wet weather? I got the truck a week ago. No water was inside the cab at all. I live in Oregon so it's been raining for a few days. I've never seen this much from a newer vehicle. I've only seen this from like 8+ year old trucks i've had in the past.

I called Fords Service Department, they're gonna check it out but it was kinda frustrating. :(
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I’m getting the condensation as well. Thought there was a leak at first but didn’t find anything.
In wet, cold weather, as long as I have the defroster on, even on fan setting 1, it's fine. Soon as I try to run w/o it to save juice, it fogs up again.
For me this way more than windows fogging up. For example when I come back to my truck next morning after a long, rain overnight then I see condensation on my sunglasses in the sun glass holder. Metal items under the rear seat have condensation built up to the point that the metal is wet.
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