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The new Super Dutys are going to come with a lot of tech and I hope some of that comes down to the Lightning as well.

Which features would you want on your Lightning? The Trailer Navigation would be really handy for a lot of people I'd imagine.

Pro Trailer Hitch Assist
Coming in spring 2023 is a new level of tow technology package functionality that allows the truck to align its hitch (bumper, gooseneck, or fifth-wheel) perfectly with the trailer's receiver (or pin). Prior to hitching up any trailer for the first time, the system questions the driver about hitch type, trailer length, etc. Then the driver simply positions the truck near the trailer and allows it to do its thing. Start too close and/or poorly aligned and the screen may instruct the driver to pull forward and engage reverse again, and results vary with lighting conditions, camera cleanliness, etc. But it can mean the difference between connecting a trailer in one go without a spotter, and jumping in and out of the truck numerous times. The system is also improved by another new optional feature: a camera and sensors that work when the tailgate is down.

Tailgate Down Camera And Reverse Sensing
Anyone who's stared at a close-up view of the road passing under a trailer hitch when the tailgate's down, not to mention endured the constant beeping of rear bumper sensors perceiving the gate as an obstacle, will appreciate Ford's claimed industry-first initiative to position four more ultrasonic sensors and a camera along the top of the tailgate. Activated only when the gate is down, they keep the driver aware of the vehicle's surroundings and preserve the 360-degree camera view. The camera and sensors are compatible with Ford's tailgate step (they're positioned off to the side of this step when so-equipped) and they're recessed slightly to protect them from any payload that may crash down onto the top of the tailgate. This system should prove especially valuable to those towing gooseneck and fifth-wheel trailers when it's paired with yet another new Super Duty feature: a power-up and -down tailgate.

Power-Up And -Down Tailgate
A welcome spiff already introduced on the F-150's tow technology package is a remote controllable tailgate that can power itself up and down. This allows the driver to motor the gate down, use the above camera to position the truck under the trailer gooseneck, then power it closed again without ever leaving the driver seat. And yes, with an optional step and those extra sensors, this gate can get heavy, but the system is proving reliable on F-150, and Ford F-Series Super Duty tailgates are slightly shorter (to clear fifth-wheel trailers), and hence lighter.

Trailer Navigation
Headed into unfamiliar territory towing a particularly long or tall trailer? Drawing from an enhanced map database, the 2023 Ford F-Series Super Duty's native navigation system can be programmed to select a route that ensures you'll never find yourself trying to negotiate a turn that's too tight or detour around a bridge that's too low for your rig.

Long-Trailer Blind-Spot Detection
Ford will offer remote blind-spot-detection sensors that can be hard-mounted to the trailer and wired into CAN-bus connection of the seven-pin trailer wiring harness so that the warning indicators on the mirrors illuminate when there's an obstacle in the lane adjacent to the trailer. Interestingly, the sensors must each be powered by the 12-volt power from a trailer running lamp, so the driver must engage the running lights for them to work.

360-Degree Trailer View
Ford offers a package of four cameras that can be mounted to a trailer to provide a 360-degree surround view, as well as a single camera to provide a selectable view of, for instance, the inside of a horse trailer. In all cases the camera images are carried on the CAN-bus feed through the seven-pin trailer wiring harness connector and presented on the infotainment screen, one at a time (360-degree truck or trailer view, but not both). There is no optional "invisible trailer" rear-view mirror option, however.

Intelligent Adaptive (NOT Blue) Cruise Control
The 2023 Ford F-Series Super Duty features lane centering and automatic stop and go, and now adds automatic speed-limit sign detection that can alter your set speed when the legal limit rises or falls. But because Ford believes its customers demand hydraulic power steering assist rather than fully electric steering, Blue Cruise limited self-driving is not available and will not be a future upgradable option. But the 2023 Ford F-Series Super Duty is designed to be the most upgradable Super Duty yet, so expect its tow technology package to improve over the years with over-the-air updates.

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Probably. Lots of features on the Lightning just jumped to the Super Duty.
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