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Will Ford Start Converting Reservations to Orders for MY '23 on Thursday, July 28?

  • Yes

    Votes: 9 29.0%
  • No

    Votes: 22 71.0%

Will Ford Start Converting Reservations to Orders for MY '23 on Thursday, July 28?

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Well, 0-1, but let try this again.....cast your vote please!

So, taking a poll of the order banks will reopen this week since they are supposed to start scheduling builds on Aug 4. What say you?
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Everything goes and dealers are saying is mid to late august. I hope you guys are right, but the magic 8 ball is pointing another direction
I noted on another thread chasing coral with a my22 reservation just got his production date changed to 9/26. if so, hard to see my23 production starting until late October or November. What would that do to the estimate for order banks opening?
MY 23 production is currently slated to start 10/10, so I would not think this indicates anything clear until we see scheduling go past that.
yep! Someone on Reddit said theirs is moving into October - according to their dealer. First one I heard.

if this turns out to be true, I can’t see 23s getting into the schedule before Nov/Dec?!
After 10/10?
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Dumb question. I placed a reservation on May 19th, 2021.

Still waiting for that email from Ford that says "you have been invited to place an order for your Lightning"

Does the dealer have any impact on when I will get that invitation email from Ford?
The dealer has told me to just wait for that email and that they have no input.

Yes they do. They were able to prioritize so many orders and still a backlog of those.
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My Ford dealer has not yet delivered a Lightning to a customer. They said they have 1 coming in August.

PS Their waiting list priority is based on reservation date...so I am at the top of their list because I reserved on May 19, 2021. Not sure how many else reserved on that date though.
Good dealer. Mine said they used the time stamp but did screen out folks not from the area.
Well, here we go again. I firmly expect disappointment as I'd think we'd heard a peep if it was to be today....
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