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Why F150 Lightning will sell (Lariat trim up) and take market share from non-EV F150s

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So I did a test configurator and priced closed to similar F150 Lariat, same Tow package and came to $73K. Add TTL in NJ it comes to $79K.

I bought my F150 Lightning for $80K (incl TTL in NJ) and there is no sales tax on EVs in our state. And then I got $7.5K rebate.

Issue is that Ford has to bring the trucks below $80K and it might take max market share from traditional F150. My take is those people who buy Lariat and Platinum maybe might not be towing, but just need a truck for the fact of having a truck.

Note: Many assumptions above so any comments appreciated.
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So my question is, why would would anyone buy one over the less expensive but more capable hybrid?
Because a Lightning makes a Powerboost feel like a chuckwagon with a swarm of bees where the frunk is supposed to be.😁
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