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Whose ordering all-terrain tires vs all-season?

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Hoping to get to order soon. One of my decisions is whether to get the all-terrain tires or stay with the all-season. I would like the AT for better gripping and off road capability, but I have heard with how quite the EV rides and no traditional motor noise to drown them out, that the AT tires can be very loud. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on this? Appreciated!
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A friend put KO2’s on his lighting and lost 70km of range
I'm contemplating the All terrain tires, just wish I knew exactly what they are
My Lariat ER came with General Tire Grabber A/T tires. I live in British Columbia and because these don't have mountain or snowflake ratings they're not supposed to be run on our mountain highways from October to April - which doesn't help if you want to drive almost anywhere outside of Vancouver! My dealership gave me a credit for (only) part of the cost and I've now got full Winter tires. There is certainly some road noise, but it is still an incredibly quiet truck! LOVING IT!
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