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What software version are you running

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Trying to keep up on the latest version
My truck just updated to 3.5.5 on 12-3-22
I assume it’s not the latest because I still don’t have paak
Also I’d like to have the YouTube app when charging like the Mach e
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3.5.5 no paak
Which trim do you have? They don't all have PaaK hardware.
Mustang Mach Es are getting Ford Power-Up OTA Update Software 3.6.2 (does not include the new UI). Hopefully we'll see it soon for the Lightnings.
Ford tried to update Sherman last night but I guess he was too cold at the dealership awaiting the malFrunktion repair.
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I just took delivery and have not gotten an update yet.. any way to see what version I'm on?
Check your software updates page on the truck and/or FordPass.
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