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What software version are you running

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Trying to keep up on the latest version
My truck just updated to 3.5.5 on 12-3-22
I assume it’s not the latest because I still don’t have paak
Also I’d like to have the YouTube app when charging like the Mach e
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Did you check vehicle under software updates? Usually shows up there for a few days
Well do we go by features? Do you have PAAK? Does your range show 280 when charged to 90%? Does your heated seat bring up a slider or toggle through?
So just bought a used 22 lariat that was on lot for 4 months. My software updates screen says up to date but there’s no way to see version? Can’t seem to find paak anywhere on phone and I don’t have the updated toggle for the AC etc using the volume wheel. Any options to force an update?
1. Take a deep breath.
2. Get it home, connect to your home wifi, get connected to ford pass, set automatic update time.
3. There is no apparent rhyme or reason for when or how updates are pushed. There is also no good way to know where you are until you get one.
4. Keep checking for updates. I have yet to have it come back and say update available, however I have had update show up 15-20 minutes later.
5. If you haven't gotten an update in a day or two, try throwing a trickle charger on 12v battery in frunk.
6. Try not to get too many speeding tickets enjoying the new truck!
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1 - 3 of 32 Posts