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What software version are you running

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Trying to keep up on the latest version
My truck just updated to 3.5.5 on 12-3-22
I assume it’s not the latest because I still don’t have paak
Also I’d like to have the YouTube app when charging like the Mach e
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Ah ok. So paak is an add on…so I wonder why that hasn’t come to me yet. Possibly location. I’ve had my truck since June in SoCal. Wonder if anyone else has a similar situation. Or if anyone in SoCal has paak?
We’ll look at that. Just checked and there it is
Font Parallel Document Number Screenshot
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I am still on 3.5.2, no updates since 9/14/22. I do not have cell coverage at my residence and I think updates are not available over wi-fi.
Im pretty sure they are only done over cell. My last 2 updates no Wi-Fi was available
Doesn’t make sense
New sync 4a coming. This definitely is a welcomed addition


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Ok been gone a month and gotten 2 updates in the past few days. The latest I have is 4.1.1 (the other was a longer code and I assume they are different types)
I’m guessing the 3 digit are related to sync??
anyone have the new ui? What is that update?
4.1.2 is the new sync ui
4.1.3 is video streaming apps

edit: 4.1.2 just came in after a drive. Fyi all on cell no wifi
Ok so I’m still on 4.1.2 but paid and went ahead and activated Ford streaming and low and behold the you tube and nbc button’s popped up.
so now I’m wondering if you are on wifi, like at home you’ll get 4.1.3 with the video apps and if you have the streaming the apps show up on 4.1.2???
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