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What's the latest PowerUp installed on your Lightning?

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2002 Lightning Lariat SR
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What's the latest PowerUp installed on your Lightning? I'll append new options as the new PowerUps come out.

If you just took delivery of your truck, it could be a month or more before you receive one as your software may still be ahead of this of us getting PowerUps.
I’m on 4.2.1 as of yesterday, but very confused as to how it happened…
Had been 400 miles away from home for 5 days. On return trip yesterday I stopped at a rest area just long enough to pee and when I got back in the truck and started up, the display went blank and then restarted with the new 4.2.1 version. I was still 200 miles from home. So how did it get the update? The only connection for 5 days prior was me using Phone as Key and Apple Car Play. Did it use my mobile phone to download the update?

And while I’m happy to have received 4.2.1 there is now a brief learning curve to find where everything is now. Love using the volume knob for temperature adjustments, that’s great! But I don’t know how to find my software version using the Sync display in the truck. I searched and searched this morning and still didn’t find it. The only way I know I have 4.2.1 is from the announcement in my Ford Pass app. So, is there a way to see the current PowerUp version from the truck?
1 - 3 of 110 Posts