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What mileage does your ER Lightning show at 90-100%?

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I was under the impression that 100% charge would be around 320 miles. I would even be ok with 300. But when I plug my truck in to charge to 90% it says it will be at 248 miles... That comes out to 275 when fully charged at 100%. Anyone else getting similar numbers?

Do I need to check any cables?
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First Charge to 100%. Mileage reading is 284 mi. To lower range anxiety I have started looking at % charge, like a gas gage, instead of the GOM.
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I have the standard battery it will only charge 183
miles at a 100% took a short drive 38 miles on highway and back on highway it took off 153 miles, that 2 miles for every mile a drive plug it in charge 100% 183 miles what happened to the 240 miles call ford nobody knows nothing
Everything affects battery range. Your short description above lacks tons of information that would affect real world mileage. Not judging, just saying we are the first and the learning curve is pretty steep.
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