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What mileage does your ER Lightning show at 90-100%?

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I was under the impression that 100% charge would be around 320 miles. I would even be ok with 300. But when I plug my truck in to charge to 90% it says it will be at 248 miles... That comes out to 275 when fully charged at 100%. Anyone else getting similar numbers?

Do I need to check any cables?
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Ok. With the loss of engine noise it is very difficult to realize how fast I am going unless I look at the speedometer. And I was late to a meeting yesterday and floored it a few times to get around slow cars.

I was just worried because I read other posts on the past of cables being loose from the assembly line.
It's been fluctuating up and down depending on how I drive.
Thanks for the post @ChasingCoral
Can a mod close this thread so we can have less of these posts?
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