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What mileage does your ER Lightning show at 90-100%?

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I was under the impression that 100% charge would be around 320 miles. I would even be ok with 300. But when I plug my truck in to charge to 90% it says it will be at 248 miles... That comes out to 275 when fully charged at 100%. Anyone else getting similar numbers?

Do I need to check any cables?
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I really don’t pay attention to it when charging because it only tells me a history of how I’ve been driving. The EPA number (283 Hwy, ER batt) tells you what to expect if you mimicked driving the EPA protocol. Pay attention to the number as an informed guess while you’re driving that tells you how far you’ll go if you keep driving way you’ve been driving.
Sounds like you need a locking charge port cover. Someone must be siphoning electrons out of your battery. ;)
The evidence is under the perp's right foot. :whistle:
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what happened to the 240 miles call ford nobody knows nothing
How many kW/mi is it showing?
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