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What is the secret to get the 80 amp Ford charger pro to to hook up to my home network?

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I have been trying for 3 day with no good results. The app finds the charger then light flashes light blue or white then shows home networks , click on says connecting, then times out I guess then the light changes to solid blue.
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I have not connected mine yet, but I would suggest checking to see if your wifi router is outputting a 2.4 ghz signal which is typically the frequency that home appliance electronics connect to (these devices usually prefer a stronger , more constant signal which 2.4 ghz provides, versus a faster, more interference susceptible frequency which is the 5 ghz frequency). It also would likely be helpful to set this 2.4 ghz frequency as its own network because routers that “auto” apply these network settings to devices usually do a very poor job of managing the two networks (2.4 and 5). If the 2.4 ghz network is separated from the 5 ghz network, then you can directly connect a device to just the 2.4 or the 5 ghz networks and the device will stay constantly connected to that frequency versus jumping back and forth between the two. I assume the charger is located in your garage and thus it is likely pretty far from your router with many walls and other obstructions and appliances potentially interfering with the wifi signal. A 2.4 ghz frequency will provide the charge station pro with the strongest signal which could help keep it connected while setting up the app.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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