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What is the secret to get the 80 amp Ford charger pro to to hook up to my home network?

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I have been trying for 3 day with no good results. The app finds the charger then light flashes light blue or white then shows home networks , click on says connecting, then times out I guess then the light changes to solid blue.
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Thanks for the tips. I have 3 home networks and have tried all 3. 1 router is 2.4 only and is 10 feet from the FCSP. I'll keep trying someday it will connect. LOL
The secret is don't give up it is now on the home net work finally. Day 4 of trying
I don't have a Lighting yet just reserved 1. It hasn't anything to do with the truck being parked near it.
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I have seen 4 or 5 for sale most are price to sell. I guess you don't have 240 wired for your mobile charger.
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