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What is taking so long?

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After several delays my Lightning went into “production” on October 31, 2022. It’s been stuck in that status ever since then and I have receive zero updates. I’m sure there are some issues with supply chain, among other things, but it shouldn’t take this long. Has anybody else experienced the same thing? I can only imagine how long it’ll take to ship to the East Coast as well. Overall the user experience is almost nonexistent throughout this process. That’s a real missed opportunity for Ford to build anticipation and excitement for its clients. The dealership has been of absolutely no use or value as well.
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FWIW my dealer told me yesterday that he has one customer whose truck was built in mid-August and has been waiting ever since for the factory spray-in bed liner. (I didn’t ask if this was a Lightning or another Ford model.). When I ordered my Lightning (9/12/22), my dealer said that he’s seen a number of trucks held up “a long time” after the build waiting for bed liners. He advised that I order it without and he has made arrangements for it to be done by a local shop when my truck is delivered. Same price and quality, I’ve been told.

I know none of this helps you now—if it is even a bed liner that your truck is waiting for. I wish you luck. Lots of us who have ordered Lariat ERs are waiting on pins and needles to see if we can take delivery by the end of 2022, so that we get the current $7500 tax credit before the Inflation Reduction Act kicks in and caps incentives at a price point below our purchase!
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