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What is taking so long?

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After several delays my Lightning went into “production” on October 31, 2022. It’s been stuck in that status ever since then and I have receive zero updates. I’m sure there are some issues with supply chain, among other things, but it shouldn’t take this long. Has anybody else experienced the same thing? I can only imagine how long it’ll take to ship to the East Coast as well. Overall the user experience is almost nonexistent throughout this process. That’s a real missed opportunity for Ford to build anticipation and excitement for its clients. The dealership has been of absolutely no use or value as well.
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Thanks for this detail. That is very interesting that you’ll be getting your truck in a matter of weeks. I too ordered the Lariat ER and check the status on the tracking site each day. I didn’t order anything extravagant in terms of add-ons with exception of the spray in bed. Based on similar posts I’ve read, most others had a wait time from production to notice of delivery of about three to four weeks which seems to sync with your timing. Hopefully I’ll see some movement soon. Thanks again for the reply.
I wasn’t aware of the smart hitch and advanced security pack (what is this?) being removed. I checked my window sticker yesterday and confirmed the heated steering wheel and weight scale have been removed with a ridiculously low token credit to the price. I am sure I will have to pay 6x to a dealership some day to have these items reinstalled. Any more cuts to this already overprice truck would make me second-guess the purchase. The GMC Sierra Ultimate Denali is looking better and better each day.
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