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Sorry if this has been asked but I couldn’t find it.

Going through this process with the Lightning will be the first time I’ve ever ordered a car versus picking off the lot or buying used. Those of you who’ve already ordered a lightning or mach-e, what are you actually agreeing to when you order? When does financing and final price get squared away? I’ve seen a lot about trying to get a signed agreement from dealer that there won’t be ADM later in the process.

I assume deposit would be lost if you walk away after ordering but nothing else. I’m also assuming I don’t need my down payment/financing squared away until a purchase agreement is signed which would happen closer to delivery than order.
Am I way off here?

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This is an order, not a purchase. All financing is done at delivery, not order. A signed agreement is to lock in the price. Period.
While the order deposit is non-refundable at some dealerships, it is fully refundable at others.
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