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What amperage is required for the 240V line to charge the Lightning?

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I am having my electrician install a 240V line in my garage to prepare for the Lightning I hope to get next year (my reservation is way down on the list).

He asked me if a 60 amp circuit will be enough and I can't find anything online to confirm that.

How do I find out if a 60amp 240V line will be sufficient or, if not, what amperage it needs to be?

Thanks in advance!
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the Ford Mobile EVSE that comes with the truck is 30amp 240v - so the common 'RV' style NEMA 14-50 outlet on a 50amp 240v circuit is just fine - that's exactly what it's designed for, and plenty of juice for the typical owner.
I recommend you plan to purchase a dedicated charger and carry the Ford Mobile Charge Cord in the vehicle. Many Mach E owners have tried using the Mobile Charge Cord that comes with the vehicle as their primary charger (EVSE). Unfortunately, they are not holding up well in daily use. You can either wire a 15-40 plug for versatility or have the charger hard-wired.

Also: The Ford Charge Station Pro can be down-rated to charge on smaller circuits, so the 100A is not an absolute necessity. Of course, if you can install a 100A circuit I recommend it.
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