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What amperage is required for the 240V line to charge the Lightning?

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I am having my electrician install a 240V line in my garage to prepare for the Lightning I hope to get next year (my reservation is way down on the list).

He asked me if a 60 amp circuit will be enough and I can't find anything online to confirm that.

How do I find out if a 60amp 240V line will be sufficient or, if not, what amperage it needs to be?

Thanks in advance!
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To max out the Lightning's included 80A Charge Station Pro, you need a 100A circuit to maintain a constant load of 80A. That's the best you can do.

If you are not getting an extended range battery or don't drive a lot, a 60A circuit for 48A charging would probably be the best balance of money and charging. You may want to try to future proof it if your service panel has the capacity. You can dial down EVSE to match the capacity of any circuit you install. Another good solution is a 50A circuit with an installed NEMA 14-50 Receptacle for 40A charging. It may require a more expensive GFCI breaker in the panel (and an extra condutor in the run).
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