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I picked up a 2022 Lariat (Standard Range) at a local dealership just recently due to somebody backing out of their deal. Paid 5k over MSRP which was still a couple grand less than my 2023 order due to the price increase (7k). I originally wanted a Pro model. Id be willing to trade someone with a Pro model 2022 or 2023 with 5000 or less miles for my Lariat with around 350 miles minus difference in MSRP. $72,284. Options include:
Liner-Tray Style w/Carpet Mat (200.00)
Ford Co-Pilot Active 2.0 (2220.00)
Bedliner-Toughbed (SIBL) (595.00)

Color: Atlas Blue Metallic (New / Perfect condition)

Base Price: $67,474.00
Options: $3015.00
D&D: $1795.00
Total MSRP: $72,284.00

Not sure about the most tax efficient way to make the trade, but we can figure that out if anyone is interested.
Love this truck, and fine keeping it, but I dont need all the fancy stuff. Figured this is a long shot but couldn't hurt to try.
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