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Volta charger support?

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The volta charge network (voltacharging.com), which has hundreds of chargers in the Mid-Atlantic, and could not get it to work. They seem to be mostly level 2, at eating and shopping locations, and many appear to be free, so would be a nice addition to my possible charging locations. There is one just down the street from where my kids live, so really nice. BUT...... I downloaded the app, and still no luck. The app does NOT show the Ford F-150 lightning as one of the possible list of EV's, even though they have the Ford E-transit, which is clearly a more recent vehicle, and shipping in even smaller numbers. I did call support to no avail, and emailed the information contact, so maybe things will change. Anyone else try/succeed/fail using a Volta site?

Jurrasicsailor - 150 XLT SR
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What would happen if you chose E-Transit or Mach E? I'm trying to think why this would matter to the chargers.
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