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Vehicle Weight? Only 6,200 lbs?

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Had been under the impression that the Ford was supposed to weigh in the 7,000 lb range? Have there been any official figures released yet. I thought that was about expected. Good if comparing to the smaller Rivian which weighs around 7,000 lbs, thus seems bloated for its size.

Found something on Cars Direct in a comparison check that indicated the Lightning only weighs around 6,200 lbs? If so, have to say, that's really impressive when you consider the weight of the smaller Rivian and heavier Hummer at over 9,000 lbs.

Was thinking Ford's frame on body EV was old school and dated from the start, but now, if they really can keep the weight that low, that's great for range, performance, braking, towing, etc.

Would explain why they also get more range than the Rivian, despite having a slightly smaller battery (131 vs 135 kWh).

Ford surprised us with more power and tow capacity ratings. The EPA surprised us with 320 miles of range instead of 300 Now find out it may be 800 lbs lighter than originally thought. I love companies that under-promise and over-deliver Ford is one of the few that does.
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So about 6,600 with the extended range battery. Still 400 lbs lighter than the Rivian, which is impressive considering how much larger the F-150 is.

I guess the lack of air suspension, an air compressor the Rivian has account for some of that. Ford's 100+ years experience in building vehicles and shaving weight probably accounts for the rest of it.
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