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Vehicle Registration Fees

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Friend of mine was complaining about his DMV in another state and it made me curious about ours. I've only ever paid the renewal for a car which is only $135.

The curb weight is under 7000 lbs so we'd just be paying $187 every 2 years? I see there is a section specific to trucks but it has a minimum weight.
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GEORGIA has an additional $218 or so to the 'base' tag fee, each and every year, moving forward, since it sees that EVs are not pulling their weight and paying their 'fair share' of road taxes. Georgia, though, moved to a single TAVT fee several years ago - meaning that rather than paying a 7% 'sales tax' and get charged a 'fair market ad valorm tax' every year thereafter, the TAVT replaces that with a single fee. You never pay anything again, except for the $20 tag fee, each year. They add the EV fee to that.
ALABAMA has similar, although I believe it's closer to $300 additional to the ad valorem 'fair market' tag fee...

I would rather see this as a 'state fee' attached to each and every DC FAST CHARGER and Level 2 chargers. This means that EVERYONE, even EV owners from other states, help pay the road taxes, not just the residents who may actually infrequently ever DC Fast Charge.
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