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Upgraded audio

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Well I went crazy and fully upgraded the audio in my truck. Active 3 way Morel carbon pro speakers up front. Custom A pillars from mti out of texas. Zen A2B, mosconi dsp, arc audio amps, twin jl audio shallow mount 12s in a custom box under the seat, also MTI. This was designed to be a sound quality over spl system. It sounds incredible and gets plenty loud. Here are few quick pics.


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Lariat ER. Stock B&O just flat out sucked! I had to do something. I am an AV snob, this system doesn’t leave me wanting for more. It rocks. Look into MTI Acoustics out of Texas or Sounds Good Stereo in Tennessee. They do a ton of systems for F series trucks. That’s were I started my research. Then I went with some equipment I had experience with. Furthermore, EV are actually awesome to do an upgraded audio system with. None of the issues with standard 12 v system. No alternator noise, or worrying about power reserves. The DC to DC converters in EV are strong and efficient. Plenty of power transfer. Just make sure you power on your car before listening, otherwise that little 12 volt battery will die 😳😂
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Love it. I am gathering for mine soon. Probably just standard amps / door speakers and subs. Anyone have a cut sheet for the amp racks for the super crews?
Check out sounds good stereo and mti acoustics. They have any and everything you need for an upgrade in any f150
Thanks for the tip.

What are you using for your main audio source? I am going to use my ASTELL & KERN SP2000 High Resolution audio player.
downloaded music files. Either from ripped cds or high quality Apple Music downloads and streaming. Just have to make sure to use the wired Apple care play connection,otherwise it’s all downgraded through the Bluetooth connection. I’d like to be able to plug in a 1tb thumb drive or something similar, so I can have my entire music library at hand. Just not sure if that’s possible.

HD radio sounds pretty good, sirusxm is just ok, very compressed with little dynamic range. Good for quick trips and general listening
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I can’t confirm or deny, but my ears think the wired connection sounds better than the wireless
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Can’t wait to see that setup! Definitely the best solution if worried about losing the under seat storage.
As for mine, I don’t regret one bit giving it up! We gots that frunk😉. The two 12s absolutely rock! They play loud, clean and tight with more low end and spl than any sane person needs. The front soundstage provided by the morel pro carbons are silky smooth as well. Nothing rattles in the truck either!

I find myself looking for excuses to go for a drive just to listen to some music😂
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Man I could never have the patience to look at all that equipment just sitting there for that long😳. Every time I drive my truck I LOVE my sound system upgrade. I’m sure you’ll feel the same way about the SGS kit!!!
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