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Upgraded audio

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Well I went crazy and fully upgraded the audio in my truck. Active 3 way Morel carbon pro speakers up front. Custom A pillars from mti out of texas. Zen A2B, mosconi dsp, arc audio amps, twin jl audio shallow mount 12s in a custom box under the seat, also MTI. This was designed to be a sound quality over spl system. It sounds incredible and gets plenty loud. Here are few quick pics.


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Mosconi? I like your style. I was going to tell you guys what I was going to get installed in my upcoming Lightning but I didn't want to get laughed at so I'm glad you posted this. I'm going to blow about 30-35K just on audio, alarm system, 360 camera etc. I always personally install high-end audio equipment in my autos since the early 90s. Because I'm not privy to EVs and their electrical setup, I've hired someone who specializes in EV audio installs. I too am an SQ fanatic. I'm pretty particular when it comes to my car audio. That amp setup looks nice and clean. Those A-pillar pods are really nice. What trim model is your Lightning?
Just make sure you power on your car before listening, otherwise that little 12 volt battery will die 😳😂
Thanks for the tip.

What are you using for your main audio source? I am going to use my ASTELL & KERN SP2000 High Resolution audio player.
downloaded music files. Either from ripped cds or high quality Apple Music downloads and streaming. Just have to make sure to use the wired Apple care play connection,otherwise it’s all downgraded through the Bluetooth connection. I’d like to be able to plug in a 1tb thumb drive or something similar, so I can have my entire music library at hand. Just not sure if that’s possible.

HD radio sounds pretty good, sirusxm is just ok, very compressed with little dynamic range. Good for quick trips and general listening

Satellite radio signal is terrible. Some of the songs sound like mp3s compressed down to 64-128 kbps. I used to have a subscription to serus radio but with high-end audio equipment, I couldn't listen to music formatted that way. Talk radio would be ok, I guess.

In my current F-150, I load 256 and 512 MB thumb drives with usually whole cds ripped to flac or mp3 @320kbps formats. Anything less than mp3 @ 320kbps just sounds like crap on my current system.
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