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Update stuck

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I have been waiting for the new look update (4.1.2) since it was announced. It anyone else’s Lighting showing the update, but it has not installed and does not give the option to install? It has been here for 3 days like this. I have scheduled updates for midnight every night, but it has not installed!

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I can confirm the puny 12v battery is my problem. I hooked up a charger the other day, it said the battery was at 85%, okay. Charged to 100% then drove truck 30 minutes home, parked, plugged in, temps @ - 5degC, FAILED TO UPDATE.

Next test, attached 2nd battery (fully charged "marine" battery, normal car battery size) via booster cables and left in frunk overnight, plugged in, @-5degC, SUCCESS!

The OEM 12v batt just doesn't have enough capacity, even at relatively warm winter temps.

Hopefully they can come up with a fix to keep power during an update. Maybe Ford can add an onboard maintainer seperate of the main power circuit or a better battery.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts