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Update on Dead Battery

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On a Previous post I described how the battery on my 2022 Ford Lightning died on Dec 22. At that time I had my Lightning 105 days and had driven it about 7,000 miles.

The battery died in my driveway (very convenient) and Ford Roadside assistant had it towed to the local ford dealer where I was informed that it would take at least three weeks to be diagnosed. (Holidays, vacations and such).

I was not terribly inconvenienced because my 2018 ford f150 ecoboost so I'm not walking.

About two weeks ago, it was diagnosed as a bad battery module and another was ordered. Fine.

I was told today that in replacing the module, they detected another module that was out of spec, expected delivery date in about two weeks.

So this is the current situation, Ford has been great dealing with me. The dealership has been fine. but I have been without my 81,549.00 truck for 49 days or just about a third of the time I have owned it.

While I haven't been inconvenienced, I have been annoyed.
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