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I just got an 'update' from my Dealer, too, when I texted my sales agent to change my order color from Agate Black Metallic to Iced Blue Silver - the response email confirming the change also mysteriously showed the additional of an 'ADM' of 10% that was not there before on the original order confirmation from Jan 6th : /
This is what I'm insanely afraid of! I didn't pick the max tow package when i ordered in wave 1.. buyers order completed and just waiting for it to be made and delivered. But then i found out Max tow package added extra battery coolers, so now i want it! I just have that feeling in my gut they gonna try to screw me if i change anything, especially now that dealers know they getting maybe 1 or 2 vs the 25 they expected.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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