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What trims got scheduled during the third round?

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  • I'm wave 1 - 3 and still waiting

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  • I'm wave 4+ and still waiting

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Update: Anyone get a production date yet this week (3/17/22)?

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Still quite a few of wave 1 - 3 and all of wave 4 to get scheduled. Anyone get a date yet today?
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I suspect everyone is waiting through today [3/10/22] for a Scheduled Week of Production Date.

Many Lines of product were shut down due to diminishing resources and supplier delays, per a web conference with the Ford Video Guy.
Yeah I saw somewhere else that only ecosports got scheduled today. I guess we'll try again next week
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I’m assuming crickets for scheduling again this week. Anyone get anything?
Reserved my Lightning 15 minutes into the presentation on 5/19/21. Received order notice 1/7/22 and sent it to my Dealer.....Salesman notified me a week later that Ford did not acknowledge my order and was told to call Ford. Called Ford and was told that there had been a "glitch" in the system....received notification on 2/3/22 to order, which I did again. This put me into the 3rd wave....should have been in the FIRST. I called Ford again, was told that someone would call me in the next 7-10 days (this was yesterday). Wondering if anyone else had encountered my same problem. I was told that this glitch had affected others also.

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My wave 4 order was glitchy but not like that. I ordered 2/17, accepted by dealer on 2/18 but spent about 2-3 weeks waiting for the website to show that. Every time I called they assured me they could see the confirmed order and had no idea why the website wasn’t working. IT doesn’t seem to be a strong point for Ford - between all the accidental mass emails and the fact that they couldn’t direct me to a website specialist to help.
JC are you starting a fresh POLL for 3/24?

I have a hopefully suspicion that we will see build dates Thursday, according to the fordvideoguy, they are scheduling the F150 line this week.
Yeah I can make a fresh one. Here’s to hoping!
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