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Before my Lariat ER showed I purchased a FCSP, off this forum. Having the FCSP installed ahead of delivery worked out GREAT! Quite awhile after the Lariat showed at the dealership this FCSP showed up on my doorstep. It has not been out of the box.

I live in NE Iowa but soon I will be heading to Houston, then South Padre. Leaving around the 12th of Feb. Could drop off if you are along the path to South Padre. It’s A 3,000-mile round trip with the new truck. Should be interesting, especially the Houston to South Padre drive. Not many DC charging stations, if any.

The 80A AC Ford Charge Station Pro provides level 2 charging capability at home. The FCSP provides up to 80 amps to maximize your home charging speed for your electric vehicle.

$1,000 if you pick-up or we meet-up. Shipping extra, approximately $45 - $55. FORD DIRECT PRICE is $1,295.00.
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