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Two Vehicle PaaK: Do you have to switch "keys"?

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I finally received the PowerUp on my Lightning that enabled Phone as a Key. However, I've found that I have to have the right vehicle selected on the FordPass app to reliably use PaaK in the vehicles. In other words, I have to select the Lightning for PaaK to work reliably on the Lightning and have to select the Mach E for it to work on the Mach E.

Are others encountering the same?
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I’m checking in with someone at Ford but haven’t heard back.

So far, it seems the only option is to switch to the correct vehicle in the Ford Pass app. FP only seems to be able to simulate one fob at a time.

I also encourage you to switch a minute before you reach the vehicle. I suspect the PaaK feature in FP has to communicate with the mothership to download the current series of security keys. If you switch just in time to open the door, you may not have the security key in time to start the vehicle.
I have the straight scoop from Ford. The Ford Pass app can only act as PaaK for one vehicle at a time. You can only switch between vehicles in FordPass in the "Home" screen. It takes several seconds to pass the door open "key" and can take a few minutes to pass the vehicle start "key".

I've found that this is normally not an issue but can be a pain when you are doing things like moving vehicles around in the driveway, i.e., operating both vehicles at almost the same time.
That's really unfortunate to hear. I hope they resolve this issue or they're going to have difficulty creating "Ford households."
Actually, I can understand why one should only be active at a time. It would be better if the switching were faster, however.
I can't think of a reason this would be beneficial to users. Seems like it is a technical limitation more than a design choice.
Biggest reason is security. It only unlocks/controls one vehicle at a time, so you don't activate multiple vehicles when you walk up. Besides, how many should it control at the same time? 2? 4? 10? Each vehicle has its own set of continually updating security codes. How much battery do you allocate to monitoring codes for multiple vehicles? That's going to impact phone performance and users may become unhappy.

PaaK used to stay active continuously on Android phones. PaaK was highly responsive but their batteries were draining in half a day. These decisions have consequences that impact users.
Well, maybe I need to be more precise with my language but, to be honest, I'm not used to admins trolling members in discussions.
Sorry you took it as trolling. I'm simply responding as a Lightning and Mach E owner and an active member of this Forum.
You "simply" responded with absurdities, which is why I noted it as trolling.

You have two vehicles not four or ten and none of them continuously lock/unlock when you simply walk past them.
No, only one of the two activates and is unlockable at a time. That is because the PaaK only works for one vehicle at a time.
1 - 7 of 13 Posts
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