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Two Vehicle PaaK: Do you have to switch "keys"?

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I finally received the PowerUp on my Lightning that enabled Phone as a Key. However, I've found that I have to have the right vehicle selected on the FordPass app to reliably use PaaK in the vehicles. In other words, I have to select the Lightning for PaaK to work reliably on the Lightning and have to select the Mach E for it to work on the Mach E.

Are others encountering the same?
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i have the lincoln app and the ford app cannot be open at the same time because the app that was opened first or is in range first will take priority. over time i noticed that if it says under the buttons for windows and frunk smaller buttons bluetooth is connected then then only that vehicle is connected. unlocking with the code on the doorsill is usually the fastest way to get in if your in a rush.
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