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Two Vehicle PaaK: Do you have to switch "keys"?

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I finally received the PowerUp on my Lightning that enabled Phone as a Key. However, I've found that I have to have the right vehicle selected on the FordPass app to reliably use PaaK in the vehicles. In other words, I have to select the Lightning for PaaK to work reliably on the Lightning and have to select the Mach E for it to work on the Mach E.

Are others encountering the same?
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That's really unfortunate to hear. I hope they resolve this issue or they're going to have difficulty creating "Ford households."
Actually, I can understand why one should only be active at a time.
I can't think of a reason this would be beneficial to users. Seems like it is a technical limitation more than a design choice.
Well, maybe I need to be more precise with my language but, to be honest, I'm not used to admins trolling members in discussions.

At least on the Lightning the PAAK does not lock/unlock vehicles from simply walking around it so that security concern isn't relevant or accurate.

You have two vehicles and it seems a reasonable would be to have your PAAK control both vehicles without having to go through a menu system. At that point, the PAAK is not particularly valuable because you'd be able to access the vehicle faster with a FOB. I don't know why you would use ten vehicles as anything other than an example of absurdity; regardless, if one did have 10 Fords one should have the choice of draining their phone battery in order to not have to delve into menu subsystems simply to unlock their vehicles.
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You "simply" responded with absurdities, which is why I noted it as trolling.

You have two vehicles not four or ten and none of them continuously lock/unlock when you simply walk past them.
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