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Two EV Household Charging Options

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I know there has been a lot of discussion around what you need for the 80amp Ford Charge Station Pro and ultimately I will either farm out to Sunrun or another qualified electrician.

However, what I wanted to ask this group is if there is any experience with a 2 EV household and what your current set up is.

Are both cars in the garage? If any of your cars sit outside, do you have enough length with your charging cables? Is there a limit?

This will be my first EV but if I'm going to need electrical work I want to plan ahead for the next vehicle as well. Do I need to basically double my available space for the next car?

Other useful tips to think about that will be cheaper in the long run with some smart planning?

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We have two BEVs and one charger in our carport. The Mustang Mach E lives in the carport and charges there. When we charge the Nissan Leaf, we pull it up to the edge of the carport and charge there.
A simple overhead system for a garage could use a tool balancer and charging cable clamp like these that a friend of mine installed:

1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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