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Two EV Household Charging Options

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I know there has been a lot of discussion around what you need for the 80amp Ford Charge Station Pro and ultimately I will either farm out to Sunrun or another qualified electrician.

However, what I wanted to ask this group is if there is any experience with a 2 EV household and what your current set up is.

Are both cars in the garage? If any of your cars sit outside, do you have enough length with your charging cables? Is there a limit?

This will be my first EV but if I'm going to need electrical work I want to plan ahead for the next vehicle as well. Do I need to basically double my available space for the next car?

Other useful tips to think about that will be cheaper in the long run with some smart planning?

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We have a two car garage. The two garage bays are offset in depth with separate doors. Currently the wife's xc40 EV is in the left garage bay with a charge port on the left rear corner. I have an xc90 phev with a front left fender charge port. An f150 fits (not by much) in the right garage bay. We have two hardwired EVSEs. One next to the door to the house that can service the left side of the left garage bay. The other is on the right side of the right garage bay. Thus cable is draped on j-hooks from the rafters so that the car can drive under it and plug in. The cable can also be unhooked and led outside and not block either garage bay. The EVSEs were free to us from our utility company with special EV charging rates based on time of use (it saves about 0.05 per kWh). We only charge from 9pm to 1pm weekdays, 24 hours weekend. They are 30amp only.

It would have been nice if there were charge ports on both sides of the lightning. The ER models have a dual charger (both fed from the left charge port). That is how they get 80amp charging. It would have been great to have charging flexibility when charging in public. In my garage I could have used a left and a right plug on the truck to charge at 60amp.

We will probably upgrade to 200amp service this summer (service entrance is right side of right garage bay) and make our 100amp main panel (basement) into a sub panel. The charge station pro and other EVSEs will come out of the garage panel and the rest of the house will stay as is. We have electric oven/stove, dryer, but no central AC and natural gas for heat/hot water, so weekends may overload our 100amp service if two cars, laundry and baking are happening at the same time.


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