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Two EV Household Charging Options

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I know there has been a lot of discussion around what you need for the 80amp Ford Charge Station Pro and ultimately I will either farm out to Sunrun or another qualified electrician.

However, what I wanted to ask this group is if there is any experience with a 2 EV household and what your current set up is.

Are both cars in the garage? If any of your cars sit outside, do you have enough length with your charging cables? Is there a limit?

This will be my first EV but if I'm going to need electrical work I want to plan ahead for the next vehicle as well. Do I need to basically double my available space for the next car?

Other useful tips to think about that will be cheaper in the long run with some smart planning?

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We currently have 2 Tesla Model 3's. They are both garaged. The garage is bare minimum, 20' x 20', but it does the job. The house is a little over 50 years old and once had aluminum wiring, but the wiring was just updated 6 years ago. I have a 200 amp panel. The electrical panel happens to be on the west wall of the garage (cars enter the garage from the South) so it is in the perfect place

When the first Model 3 came along I added a 14-50 plug and just use the included UMC to charge. The plug is about 8 feet from the panel and it was added on a dedicated 50 amp breaker. The UMC is limited to 32 amps, so that car charges at the rate of about 30 miles per hour.

When the second Model 3 came along I procured a Tesla Wall Connecter and had it hard wired with a 60 amp breaker. So that car can charge its max 48 amps or closer to 40 miles per hour

Both cars charge fine at the same time. The panel has enough even with a pool and central AC.

As the Lightning comes along (replacing one of the cars) I'll have to do some shifting. The remaining Tesla will move to the 14-50 plug as that is more than ample for the juice needed and I'll remove the Tesla WC and hope to have the 80 amp charger hardwired in it's place. I don't know if I have enough room to increase that breaker from a 60 amp to a 100 amp or not. If I don't I will likely remove the 14-50 plug and charge the Lightning and Model 3 both from the 80 amp Ford charger on a 100 amp breaker. I'll just have to use the J1772 adapter for the Tesla.

While both cars may be used for a commute they can easily go a few days between charges. So we could alternate days with the single charger or might be able to get by keeping both chargers. I would be OK running the Ford charger on a smaller breaker if that is allowed.
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One other option would be to mount the charger overhead and use a cable management device to retract the cable.
This is similar to what I've done with both plugs/chargers on the wall with the panel. I've got some hooks and a retractable cable - all installed poor man style. Gets the job done and keeps the cable off the floor from behind a car.

The real plan was to finish sheet rocking the garage and then truly mount the wall charger on the ceiling.

You can see the 14-50 on the wall near the back of the car.
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For overhead cable carrier I'm picturing unistrut with multiple trolleys to attach cables to.
View attachment 1702 (image Lowes.com)
This would go either parallel or perpendicular over the top of car. Cable affixed to a trolley say every 5 ft. So 2.5ft loops hang down or less when stretched out.
Similar to what @GDN shows above but with the unistrut track.
Great ideal and I really like it. The good tool balancers are actually pretty expensive. If you can find the track and these are easily available - would make for a quick easy solution.
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