This map of geotagged Twitter engagement on upcoming electric truck models shows the Ford F-150 Lightning is dominating interest.

The data was collected over the last three months (90 days) tracking tweets, hashtags, and direct keyword phrases. They included "Ford F-150 Lightning," "Rivian R1T," "Hummer EV," "Cybertruck," #cybertruck, #R1T, #HummerEV, etc. etc. Over 130,000 tweets were tracked.

Other models were was also tracked, like the Bollinger B2, Lordstown Endurance, and Atlis XT, but none had the interest the above did.

The state breakdown is as follows:

Ford F-150 Lightning - 28 states
GMC Hummer EV - 10 states
Rivian R1T - 8 states
Tesla Cybertruck - 4 states

Also interesting to see that there is a regional component at play, as Ford takes the middle of the country, with the others taking the coasts. Also not surprising to see the Cybertruck only get 4 states, as it's design is so different from a traditional truck model.

Credit to for the map.