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Trip Energy Usage

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Drove Lariat SR home yesterday. 50:50 mix of highway and city driving over about 10 miles.
My Trip reading on energy usage 25% external temp, 9% accessories and remainder driving.
External temp 70 degrees which I thought was perfect for an EV. Only accessory plugged in was an iPhone charging via USB port.
Amy idea why using so much energy for non driving?

Also seeing avg of 2.4M/KW over first 1.6K miles. Same 50/50 city HW mix with no heavy loads or towing. This has been trending up over time to avg of 2.6 over last 500 miles. . Not sure if this is due to my driving habits or truck break in. What M/KW are others seeing?
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Anyone know how M/KW calculated in My Trip? Clearly not an average for the trip since you can drive 20 miles in city and then hop on highway and watch M/KW drop. Also not near instantaneous like my prior ICE truck.
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