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Trip Energy Usage

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Drove Lariat SR home yesterday. 50:50 mix of highway and city driving over about 10 miles.
My Trip reading on energy usage 25% external temp, 9% accessories and remainder driving.
External temp 70 degrees which I thought was perfect for an EV. Only accessory plugged in was an iPhone charging via USB port.
Amy idea why using so much energy for non driving?

Also seeing avg of 2.4M/KW over first 1.6K miles. Same 50/50 city HW mix with no heavy loads or towing. This has been trending up over time to avg of 2.6 over last 500 miles. . Not sure if this is due to my driving habits or truck break in. What M/KW are others seeing?
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My m/kw isn't nearly as good as yours, but I live in mid-Michigan and do far more 75mph driving than 35mph... this winter I'm seeing 1.4-1.6 on average, but on short drives I've seen it as low as .9 and as high as 2.2 the other day when the temp was in the mid-40s
m/kw will drop on the highway.... a new thing to learn in an EV after spending decades learning that highway equals better mileage in ICE vehicles.

M/KW is simply miles driven divided by the kilowatts used over that time, whether that usage is powering the motors, heating the cabin, recharging the 12v battery, or keeping the high-voltage pack warm/cool
1 - 2 of 13 Posts