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trickle charge for 120v battery sans AC

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I don't garage my Lightening. I've gotten the heebie jeebies about the woeful circumstances than can result from the puny 12v battery wearing down. I don't want to plug in a trickle charger into my house. Can I plug it into the truck? Alternatively, are there battery powered trickle chargers?

Thanks in advance!

I'm so loving this truck (not only b/c I'm charging it with excess PV electrons I've already generated that my util is storing).
I've always had an array of gear in my prior trucks ranging from chains, to strapping to fist aid, to come-a-longs, life jackets etc.
I'll move some of that over but i'm wondering if I need full socket sets and all the other tools (eg screwdrivers, wrenches) for my ICE trucks.
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Here is how that ends up working out:

If you are going to use ProPower, the truck must be on. If the truck is on, the DC/DC converter is on & charging your 12v battery independent of any external charger.

It ends up being a circular exercise in futility.
Thanks. I don't have the Pro Charger installed. I've been charging with the 17amp circuit we use with our Tesla (4+/- mi per hr). I turn the truck off when I charge now -- is that bad? With the Pro, the truck must be on which keeps the 12v battery topped off, right?

I was getting a bit freaked by multiple people explaining how important it is not to let the 12v battery run down. I'm thinking there might be week-long periods in which the truck is neither on or plugged in. Should I find something better to fret about?

Thanks a lot.
As backwards as it sounds, I think part of the reason that the battery struggles it the way they designed things to reduce "vampire drain", meaning it should be fine and you should find something better to fret about.

Really worst case you'd have to charge up the 12V with a trickle charger if it sat for too long, but I'm thinking that is more "months" than a few days or even weeks.
I sure appreciate the reply. I don't want this puppy to hang me out to dry, but it sounds like there might be better things to worry about! My sense is there might be folks here w/too much time on their hands😉. I've read scads of posts about the vagaries of trickle charging the 12v -- I think I'm gonna grab a beer.
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