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Trailer Camera?

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The Lightning owner's manual 360-Camera section mentions the ability to select a "Trailer AUX" camera but says its an add-on accessory. Does anybody have more information of what and how to buy the trailer camera? Looks like the Pro I am going to end up getting will have the 360 Camera package, so I'd like to explore what it would take to add the trailer camera.

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I found some accessories that say they are for Ford SuperDuty towing applications that seem to be the same thing. Wondering if they all use the same parts and kits?

Super Duty 2017-2022 Trailer Mounted Camera & TPMS without Pro Trailer ~ LC3Z1A189D (ford.com)

There is also one with the TPMS part omitted.
Super Duty 2017-2022 Trailer Mounted Camera without Pro Trailer Backup ~ LC3Z1A189F (ford.com)

I also found the install instructions on the Service Site. The7 / 4 Connector next to the license plate is replaced with a 7/12 connector that plugs into the trucks existing wiring harness for the 7-pin part and an extra 12-pin harness that should already be on the truck as part of the 360 camera and Tow Tech package.
2022_F150_trailer_camera_TPMS_KIT_Final_V2.pdf (fordservicecontent.com)

The trailer camera, TPMS, and yaw sensor all connect into the added 12 pin connection (the cable with the red ring).
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