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Lightning XLT- Wave 2-Build 5/30
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So, my Lightning VIN# may look something like this.
MY22 F-150 LIGHTNING XT SR (Wave 2) VIN: 1FT?W1EL?NW######

1FT Ford Motor Company, USA Truck (Completed Vehicle)

VIN Position 4 / Restraint, Brake System and GVWR Class
? 6 OR V data inconclusive thus far /Truck, Hydraulic, Class G:, 8,501-9,000 lbs./ Manual belts with driver and passenger frontal air bags and side inflatable restraint (1st & 2nd row)

VIN Positions 5, 6, 7 /Line, Series, Chassis, Cab Type or Body Type for Trucks
W1E F-Series F-150 4X4 SuperCrew TrucK

VIN Position 8 /Engine Type-Displacement, Cylinders, Fuel Type, Manufacturer, and Horsepower (H.P.) Ratings
L Dual Electric Motors w/ Standard Range Battery/ Electric/ Ford
V Dual Electric Motors w/ Extended Range Battery/ Electric/ Ford

VIN Position 9 /Check Digit
? The check digit must have a value of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or X

VIN Position 10 /Vehicle Model Year
N 2022 Model Year
P 2023 Model Year

VIN Position 11 /Vehicle Assembly Plant
W Rouge Electric: Dearborn, Michigan

VIN Positions 12 through 17 /Sequential Vehicle Identifiers/ Ford Division Vehicles
###### A00001 thru F99999
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Lightning XLT- Wave 2-Build 5/30
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I had tried following the instructions on the Lightning forums, MME forum, and FB to pull the VIN# from my Ford Account reservation page with a Build Date. I don't know why my VIN# wasn't showing up in the same places as the screenshots shown by other Lightning reservists.

But, I was unsuccessful at finding the VIN# in the standard places everyone was finding theirs. It was easy to find my Order Number in the data but was coming up blank on the VIN#.

I kept tinkering around and finally found my VIN# in the Browser Developer tools like everyone else. Just a slightly different area for me. This might also help someone find their VIN if the standard way shows up nothing.

  • Firefox
  • Login to your Ford.com/ MY ACCOUNT/ go into your Lightning "Reservation & Orders" page
  • Click "View" to see your Lightning's configuration info "YOUR ORDER"
  • Make sure your Lightning is "Scheduled for Production" with a build date "Week of #/##/2022".
  • [F12] to go into Firefox the browser's "Developer Tools"
  • My Firefox Developer Tools shows up on the bottom half of the main browser window. In some cases, it may take the right side of the browser window.
  • In the Developer Tools larger window, select the [Network] tab and also the [XHR] tab on the upper rows of the Developer Tools window.
  • Click inside the Browser window Ford page and press [F5] for Firefox to refresh the browser page. Refreshing the "YOUR ORDER" web page will load up data into the Developer Tools window below.
  • On the upper bars of the Developer Tools window, there is a picture drawing of a tiny funnel "FILTER" for you you to input your Order Number ########. Enter only the numbers.
  • You'll probably get 2-3 hits in the filter results window below, look for the columns [Type] JSON/ highlight that specific record.
  • When you highlight that filter result a smaller window will show itself to the side.
  • In the smaller side window [Headers] tab is probably highlighted, click the [Response] tab and data will cache in the smaller window
  • Click the "Raw" slider switch to show the raw data. This is the final step that allowed me to see my VIN#.
  • Go and click in the smaller cache window results and highlight all the data [CTRL]+"A"
  • Open a Word or Notepad document, Paste [CTRL] + "V" all the data into the text document.
  • In the Word or Notepad Search for "1FTV" (the first letter is a number one), in my search results, My Lightning VIN# was very near the top of the data dump.
  • My VIN data looked like this: "catalogId":"WANAB-TFD-2022-F-150","vin":"1FTVW1EL1NWG05xxx"

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Lightning XLT- Wave 2-Build 5/30
26 Posts
This is great. Thanks! I found my VIN thanks to your trick, however, when I go to the order tracking page, it says my order # is incorrect. Not my VIN but my order #. Odd because it is pretty clearly stated as an 8-digit order # on my Ford Manage Orders page. I have an assigned production week of 08/08/2022. Any idea why my order # would appear invalid?
That would be your 4 digit Dealership Lightning Order number.

It's not a number that you can get from FordMoCo.

Call your Dealership to get your unique Lightning Order number from them.

If you've got a Buyers Order sheet from your Dealership, the 4 digit # will on there.
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