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Hello from Ontario Canada

Just put in my reservation and I know it will be a long wait.
I've been following electric vehicles for quite some time.

In fact I worked (retired 2017) in the Advanced Engineering group in Volvo Construction and led teams developing electric vehicles for construction equipment. Check out this video

Ever since I've been itching to get my hands on just the right EV ...and the Ford Lighting fits the bill.
Planning to sell the RV, Jeep and utility trailer and clear my driveway for the Lightning.
Also planning to put in a solar installation to feed this puppy with green energy

Very excited to start this journey

BUT - Very interested to know the KWH battery size to understand towing range - related to long distance towing campers etc
Currently hear that published ranges are with 1000 lb load in the bed.
Would like this confirmed.
Would like to hear what others know about towing range.

I believe towing capacity is currently set at 10,000 lbs
If so what will the range fall to? ... I'm guessing about 40% reduced range towing 10,000lbs

Any thoughts?

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The good news is that for non-interstate travel the loss may be less due to regenerative braking.
For all you engineering geeks out there.
I found this very interesting YouTuber called "Engineering Explained" video where he basically shows on the white board why current electric vehicles (2019) are not that good at towing.

The conclusion is that todays batteries just don't have the same energy density as diesel or gasoline and therefore for the sizes being used today they fall far short when towing large loads long distances.

IF battery energy density increases with development (at least 2x) then towing longer distances would become more acceptable. This is one reason the TESLA haul truck is slightly delayed. Elon is waiting on his new higher energy dense battery - the 4680 cell.

Apparently FORD knew this and has sourced the most powerful Li Battery possible from a Korean company called SK Innovation. This is a high nickel content battery much like the Tesla 4680 which is good news for towing.
Check out this article:
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