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Join DriveElectricTN and representatives from Ford to discuss the F-150 Lightning, E-Transit, and the planned Tennessee production facility!

About this event
Have you heard about Ford's huge investment in Tennessee? We are talking billions with a "B"! Join DriveElectricTN and Ford representatives James Morgan and Nathan Gyori to discuss what are likely to be the most widely sought-after ELECTRIC fleet products in the Ford F-150 Lightning and E-Transit! Additionally, we will get to hear about the planning for the 5+ square-mile production facility that will be located just outside Memphis, TN - "Blue Oval City."

This webinar is intended for interested fleets and fleet managers across the state as an opportunity to learn about electrifying their fleets with Ford in the near future, while gaining an understanding of what's to come with Ford EV production in West Tennessee.

Although focused on fleets, this webinar is open to the public! All are welcome to come listen and learn.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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