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over 4,000 miles and a thousand of that while towing, and I feel the same way : )

interesting, too, as I was just reading about 'how the internet began', and was suddenly struck by the fact that while it would seem that 'young' people would be the first to accept and gravitate toward such an interesting technology, it was actually OLDER folks who did - Professors and Librarians. That means that while I might have loved the idea of an 'all electric' truck back when I was 27, I probably would not have had anywhere NEAR the resources to pull off such an 'expensive' purchase, especially in the timeframe of building a career, being newly married, starting a family, and just the lack of capability to pull off such a purchase. At 57, happily married for 35 years, with 4 boys all now away from home, and a very viable career of almost 30 years, the 'DAD' of the family is the one EXCITED and GOING CRAZY about such a 'technological advancement in time'! It's great. And I think my boys are tired of hearing about it : / oh well : ) YAY ME!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts